SilwerSteam - Nordic Steampunk Faire 2019
6 - 8 September, Eskilstuna, Sweden
♦ Lectures ♦ Workshops ♦ Mysteries ♦ 
♦ New Inventors contest ♦
♦ Costume contest ♦ Craftsman´s market ♦
♦ Board games hang-out ♦ 
♦ Team contests ♦ Larp ♦
♦ Tea duelling ♦ Nightclub ♦
♦ And much, much more... ♦
Welcome to!

This is the home of the international Steampunk convention SilwerSteam.

The festival takes place at the beautiful site of northern Europe´s largest steam engine hall, and the machines are still working, and will be running during the event! Expect fantastic costumes, props, larps, arts, contests, concerts, exhibitions, workshops, lectures and shows.

We aim to make a convention together With all steampunk enthusiasts around the world.

Come along and help everybody else experience Your ideas and dreams.

SilwerSteam wants to make a steampunk festival with a silver lining…

Tickets are available!!

Find the program with times for 2019 under the SilwerSteam logotype above!!

Program Highlight of the Week

Splendid Teapot Racing

a reprisal from the fun competition from SteamCon Gothenburg. Carl Dickfelt and Shakila Rossi, will guide us through the thrilling experience of Teapot racing. So, get your teapots and your radio controlled automatons ready, mash them together and presto - You’re good to go! 

Participating Hero of the Week

The Art of Sandra Hultsved


Artist of the dark and beautiful. Also awesome artist extraordinaire! 


Please take the chance to talk to her on site at SilwerSteam, and learn more about her creative process!  If then, by chance, one of her art prints end up in your living room, we will try not to be jealous...

The World of SilwerSteam

In this section, we will highlight inspirations for SilwerSteam Steampunk Festival, and everything we think has a given place at the festival!

Or get inspired by the fictional gossip magazine "The SilwerSteam Chronicle" and get a glimpse off what the world Might have looked like if it were "for real"...

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Kulturbiljetter SilwerSteam Historiska Event

Tickets are bought online at – Questions; Contact Kulturbiljetters customer service, or +468-50254080.

IF PayPal is a better option for you, send us an E-mail with information about which tickets you want, and we will send you a PayPal invoice instead.

Eskilstuna Stadsmuseum logga SilwerSteam Historiska Event
SilwerSteam is organized by Silwerulv Historical Event/Historical Society

Welcome to SilwerSteam - Nordic Steampunk Faire 2019!!